ANTIGERMIX HIGH LEVEL PHOTONIC DISINFECTION for external and endocavitary probes

The best response to new regulations. By providing a simple solution to the requirement of High Level Disinfection (HLD) between each patient.

  • Validated and internationally recommended solution. Particularly effective against HPV
  • Ultrafast: 90 sec.
  • 100% Automatic: The disinfection is carried out and validated with no need for the intervention of the operator thanks to the machine's optical sensors
  • Traceability
  • Compatibility: Antigermix has been approved by leading ultrasound probes manufacturers
  • Just 1 click: No probe disconnection, or any specific configuraton. Immediate system control
  • Chemical free: Photonic disinfection avoids the need for room ventilation, post-disinfection rinsing and toxic risks to the practitioner and patients. No protection required for manipulations
  • Economic: Ultrafast, Antigermix significantly maximises utilisation of staff and probes. It also minimises the purchase, management and recycling of expensive consumables

high level disinfection